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Dreaming about 6 Pack Abs?

Get a visible 6 Pack and a perfect toned body with 3D & 4D VASER Liposuction.

What’s new in liposculpting? Another dimension added to Vaser liposculpting;
3D and 4D vaser high definition is a modern concept to define male and female body aesthetics.

Not everybody can have a “6″ pac on their tummy. Even some of the athletes and body builders are unable to loose that few centimeters of fat between the skin and muscles.

Why is that so? Are they not working hard enough? They are doing hours of gym and following the right diet. But the stubborn layer of fat, often genetic fat or residual empty bags of fat tissue fails to move.

“6″ pacs tummy is possible by Vaser 3D liposculpting. The key is to remove the fat layer or the adipose tissue layer allowing the muscle to show its features.

It is a procedure performed under local anaesthesia and sedation. It takes hour and a half to emulsify the fat by VASER and then to sculpt the tummy, to ensure the skin adheres to the underlying rectus sheath ( a tough layer of fascia encapsulating the muscles of abdomen) at strategic places.

Dr Sanjay Parashar, Consultant Plastic Surgeon @ Cocoona Day Surgical says “The result achieved can be immediately visible in 24 hours, but body goes through a healing period with swelling in the treated areas. A firm compression garment with specialized foam allows excellent skin draping. We have given this satisfied feeling to many of our patients and confident about the natural looking results”.

What’s 4 D liposculpting? If you wish to sculpt your chest, biceps, triceps , forearms, buttocks, and leg muscles and enhance the contours of your muscle; that’s now possible with the modern concept of fat grafting along with liposculpting.

This procedure requires deeper anaesthesia. Vaser is used to liquefy the fat from tummy, chest, around the biceps, triceps or lower limbs. Dr Sanjay Parashar, comments “The key is to understand the anatomy of the muscle contour and artistically sculpt the fat out. This is followed by adding layers of fat under and over the muscles allowing enhancing and redefining of the chest pecs, arms and tummy”.

Dr Sanjay adds “It’s advisable to see a plastic surgeon who understands the hidden fat pockets and body contouring art. We can help you see a perfect toned body in the mirror which you were struggling in the past. The cutting edge technology and high safety standards governs the results and helps us deliver the best possible outcome”.

For more details: Reach Dr Sanjay Parashar for an in-person Consultation, one of the respected Plastic Surgeon in Dubai and the Member of Dubai Medical Tourism Club (Initiative by DHA).

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