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Rhinoplasty – Anatomy and Aesthetics of the Tip of the Nose

Tip of the nose is a very important aesthetic subunit of the nose. The component of the tip of nose includes;
Skin- The skin of the tip is thick and immobile and in many people it is very sebaceous. The thickness of the skin masks the underlying architecture of the cartilages. In some people the skin is thin and cartilages are prominent, so the internal architecture is visible through the skin.

SMAS layer- this is a layer of fibrofatty tissue under the skin and thickness varies in different people.
Lower lateral cartilages (LLC)- These are specialized nasal cartilages that is arranged in butterfly shape. The medial part of the LLC forms the columella of the nose and the lateral part supports the ala of the nose. The dome is the midsection of the LLC and gives shape to the tip of the nose.

Nasal Mucosa is the layer inside the nostril which lines the cartilage.

Nasal tip is one of the aesthetic subunits of the nose. The aesthetics of the tip is also defined by surrounding subunits of nose such as the ala and supratip area. The contour of the supratip area and the characteristics of ala add to the beauty of the tip of the nose.

An aesthetically balanced tip has a subtle dome projection which elevates above the supratip area. The lobule of the nose forms inferior part of the tip, and angle formed by columella and lobule is the key to an aesthetic nose tip.

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