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Extended Tummy Tuck

Extended tummy tuck is a cosmetic surgical solution for contouring the lower body into a more attractive shape. An extended tummy tuck is also known as an extended abdominoplasty or a lower body-lift surgery. It remains one of the most popular cosmetic body contouring procedures today due to its effectiveness in reshaping the lower body, including the abdominal region, thighs, buttocks and hips. Although the aim of an extended tummy tuck is always to remove the underlying small stubborn deposits of fat and excessive skin and to stretch the remaining skin over these regions the method of performing an extended tummy tuck may vary. There are numerous surgical approaches that a surgeon may use to perform an extended tummy tuck surgery, which depend on certain factors.

Who is an ideal candidate for an Extended Tummy Tuck surgery?

Ideally, people with small stubborn deposits of sub-cutaneous fat in the lower body region experience success with extended tummy tuck surgery to regain their lost youthful body. This is an excellent cosmetic surgical solution for people wishing to get an attractive body shape by removing underlying fat, tightening the abdominal muscles (if needed) and stretching the skin over the region to remove the wrinkles and make the body better contoured and youthful.

The surgeon will consider the following factors before advising an extended tummy tuck surgery:

  • Extent of subcutaneous fat
  • Skin elasticity,
  • Age
  • Health status
  • Realistic expectations regarding surgery results

How is an Extended Tummy Tuck surgery performed?

An extended tummy tuck procedure is one of the world’s most commonly performed cosmetic body reshaping surgical procedures. The goal of an extended tummy tuck surgery is to remove excessive skin and underlying fat tissues from the various parts of the lower body, such as the abdomen, hips, thighs and buttocks. This helps to give the body a more attractive curviness. An extended tummy tuck procedure can be performed using various different techniques, such as conventional and minimally invasive surgical methods. However, the goal remains the same.

The surgeon will administer local anesthesia to numb the lower body. This avoids pain or discomfort during the surgery. The surgeon will make incisions in the abdomen, hips, thighs and buttocks where needed. These incisions are useful for removing the underlying small but stubborn deposits of fat. The surgeon will mainly use a cannula. This is a small blunt-tipped surgical vacuum tube. The surgeon will insert the cannula in the incisions and use it to gently remove the sub cutaneous fat.

Once the fat is removed the surgeon will then remove the excessive skin that makes these parts seem saggy. Once the surgeon has removed all excessive skin the remaining skin will be stretched over the part which removes dimples and wrinkles from the lower body. Once the surgeon is satisfied with the results, the small incisions are closed with the help of fine surgical sutures or staples.

The success rate of extended tummy tuck is although mainly dependent on the individual, the average success rate is commendable. Every year thousands of women all over the globe undergo extended tummy tuck surgery and get completely satisfying results.

Risks Associated with an Extended Tummy Tuck surgery

An extended tummy tuck surgery, as is seen in any type of surgical procedure, also comes with some risks of complications that are seen in rare cases. Some of the risks that are seen in rare instances after an extended tummy tuck procedure include:

  • Infection
  • Bleeding
  • Anesthetic allergy
  • Swelling
  • Bruising

The doctor will take every possible precaution to ensure that these and any other risks are prevented. An extended tummy tuck procedure remains a leading cosmetic body contouring surgical procedure all around the world. Extended tummy tuck is an effective way to remove fat from the lower body region and reshape the body with an attractive contour.

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    Extended tummy tuck is a cosmetic surgical solution for contouring the lower body into a more attractive shape.

     Extended Tummy Tuck