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Thigh Lift

A thigh lift surgery is a type of cosmetic body contouring procedure which focuses on improving the shape of the thighs. The thigh lift procedure helps to make the thighs slimmer and more attractive.

Thigh lift surgery is a completely aesthetic surgical procedure. In this, the surgeon will remove the excessive fat deposits from underneath the skin of the thigh and stretch the skin over the slimmer thighs to give them a shapely and youthful appearance.

Who is an ideal candidate for a Thigh Lift surgery?

A person with abnormally thick or flabby thighs usually considers undergoing a thigh lift surgery in order to make the thighs look slimmer and improved in shape. This aesthetic surgery is usually sought by a person after a drastic weight loss or after childbirth by women to restore their youthful and slimmer body shape.

However, there are several things that are considered before selecting to undergo a thigh lift surgery. A thorough discussion with your cosmetic doctor/surgeon is advised to understand the procedure, its results and the managing during the recovery period.

There are several factors that are considered by the doctor/surgeon before determining the need and effectiveness of a thigh lift surgery.  These are the factors that are considered before giving the go-ahead for the thigh lift surgery:

  • Age
  • Overall health status
  • Underlying medical conditions (if any)
  • Stable weight range maintained
  • Unwanted fatty tissue and excessive skin on the thighs
  • Realistic expectations about the results

How is Thigh Lift surgery performed?

A thigh lift surgery is a completely aesthetic surgical procedure meant to restore a slimmer, shapely and youthful look to the lower body by contouring the thighs.

The surgeon will administer general anesthesia in order to prevent any pain or discomfort to the patient during the thigh lift cosmetic surgery. Once the anesthesia takes effect, the cosmetic surgeon will begin the surgery by making incisions on the top portion (along the ‘bikini line’) of both the thighs. The incision may be done as a continuous circumferential which goes as a single incision that runs all around the thigh or it may be done in smaller sections along the circumference of the thighs.

Liposuction technique is used to remove the excessive fatty tissue from the thighs. Liposuction technique uses a cannula, which is a small thin surgical vacuum tube. This cannula is inserted into the incision and guided inside using advanced imaging systems to remove the excessive fat tissue using powerful suction method.

Other advanced forms of removing fatty tissue from thighs is first using any of the ultra-modern methods, including laser, ultrasound, etc to target and melt the underlying fatty tissue by non-invasive methods.

Once the surgeon removes the fatty tissues from all sides of the thighs (inner, outer, front and back) the surgeon will remove the excessive skin which results from underlying large fatty tissues. Once the excessive skin is removed, the surgeon will pull the remaining skin from below towards the incision. Both sides of the skin are then joined using string surgical sutures or staples.

The surgeon may also place a drainage tube in order to prevent any fluid from getting collected in the incision area.

What is recovery like after a Thigh Lift surgery?

The recovery after a thigh lift surgery is usually smooth, painless and highly result-oriented if the post-surgical instructions of the cosmetic surgeon were followed. Follow-up checkups and regular visits are encouraged to ensure that the recovery procedure is going in a smooth and risk-free manner.

Patient tends to see visible effects of thigh lift surgery right after the procedure however the results get significantly improved with time. Mostly, the scars will heal in 3-4 months with proper care.


    A thigh lift surgery is a type of cosmetic body contouring procedure which focuses on improving the shape of the thighs. The thigh lift procedure helps to make the thighs slimmer and more attractive.