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Fat Grafting

Fat grafting  is also called as autologous fat grafting and it is the most advanced treatment that has wide applications in the region of breast.

Fat grafting is a procedure that involves removal of fat from one part of the body and transfer it to the breasts.
this procedure can be used for following indications:

  1. breast enlargement in women who wants just one size increase.
  2. correction of breast asymmetries and deformities
  3. Tubular breast deformities
  4. breast rippling after capsular contracture
  5. post mastectomy breast reconstruction
  6. correction of skin deformities of breasts
  7. as a part of Brava system reconstruction of breasts

How is the procedure performed?

it is performed under general anaesthesia or local anaesthesia and IV sedation.
Fat is removed using liposuction technique from thighs or abdomen areas with the help of Toomey Tip syringes. The fat is then cleaned with normal saline and strained separating out all the liquids. The fat is than carefully injected in the deep planes of the breasts above the muscles and superficially  under the skin.

since the procedure is done with injections there are no external wounds or stitches involved.

There are other methods of doing fat grafting for breasts as below-

  1. Brava system- This is a vacuum suction cup device that is applied to breasts either for enlargement or reconstruction following mastectomy. The vacuum is maintained on the breasts for at least few hours a day for few weeks period. This expands the breast tissue and create internal scaffold of tissue. Then a fat grafting is performed to fill the scaffold inside the breasts.
  2. Platelet rich plasma (PRP) enriched fat grafting. PRP is extracted from your own blood and it contains several important growth factors. The growth factors are scientifically  known to increase the survivability of the fat grafts for a long lasting result.

What results can be expected?

In normal breasts fat grafting helps to enlarge the breasts moderately to a cup size more. About 40-60% of fat may get resorted requiring a second or even third session to achieve desirable result.

PRP enriched fat is supposed to have better survival. If Brava system is used, the enlargement is more in size and more predictable with less resorption.

What are the risks involved?

Fat grafting procedure in the breasts may have potential risks of infection, cyst formation, lumpiness in breasts, fat resorption etc.

It has been extensively researched and studied to ensure it does not have any potential risk of neoplastic changes in the breasts.


    Fat grafting  is also called as autologous fat grafting and it is the most advanced treatment that has wide applications in the region of breast.