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Endoscopic Brow Lift

An endoscopic browlift surgery, also known as browplasty or forehead lift, is a minimally invasive cosmetic surgical procedure that aims to remove signs of ageing from the forehead and to make droopy brow higher.

This cosmetic surgery is mainly aimed to reverse the ageing effects which results in loose skin (wrinkles) forming on the forehead. The underlying soft tissues and the skin over the forehead are tightened to restore a youthful appearance on the upper part of the face. This cosmetic surgery helps to rejuvenate the upper eyelids, forehead skin and the eyebrows.

Who can have an Endoscopic Browlift?

A person can consider undergoing an endoscopic browlift, if:

  • Lowered/sagging eyebrows create an aged, grumpy or sad appearance.
  • There are deep horizontal creases/wrinkles on the forehead.
  • There are frown lines/furrows between eyebrows or on top of the nose.
  • There is excessive sagging skin/fatty tissue over eyes.

Who is an ideal candidate for Endoscopic Browlift surgery?

An endoscopic browlift is useful if the person:

  • Has excessive fatty tissue/skin hanging over the eyes.
  • Has wrinkles/horizontal creases on the forehead.
  • Has a grumpy/sad appearance from constantly lowered eyebrows.
  • (in case of women) is unable to apply upper eye makeup due to sagging skin.
  • Has not had a prior browlift surgery.

How is an Endoscopic Browlift surgery performed?

An endoscopic browlift surgery is a minimally invasive cosmetic surgical procedure that is used to raise lowered brows, remove wrinkles from the forehead area and give an overall youthful appearance to the upper facial region.

The endoscopic browlift surgery requires the surgeon to use an endoscope (thin long surgical tube with a cold light source and high-definition video camera attached to it) to view the underlying soft tissue inside the skin of the forehead. The surgeon will make a total of five very small (keyhole) incisions, three on the top of the scalp while one each at the sides of the two temples. The endoscope is inserted under the skin using these small incisions. As this is a minimally invasive surgery and the incisions are made above the hairline it has dual benefits for the patient.

The surgeon will view the video feed in real-time on a high-resolution video monitor. Other minimally invasive surgical instruments are then used to remove the underlying fatty tissues (if any), tighten the loosened underlying soft tissues and stretch the skin to remove any wrinkles. The small incisions heal quickly with time and the recovery time from this procedure is also considerably less. This is practically a scar less cosmetic surgery as the incisions are very small and hidden under the hair.

What is recovery like after an Endoscopic Browlift surgery?

The cosmetic surgeon handling you surgery will inform you about the potential time for recovery after an endoscopic browlift before you resume normal everyday activities. The surgeon will give detailed instructions regarding post-surgical care of the incisions as well as checking for signs and symptoms of complications. An endoscopic browlift surgery is an efficient and effective cosmetic surgery to restore a youthful appearance with improvement in the upper facial region using minimally invasive surgical methods.


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