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Temporal Brow Lift

Temporal browlift surgery is used to remove the excessive fatty tissues and sagging skin from the forehead. This makes the upper facial region more appealing and youthful. There are several different surgical techniques and types of incisions that are used to perform a browlift surgery.

Temporal browlift surgery is useful for removing signs of aging mainly. With age, the skin of the forehead, along with other parts of the face and body begins to sag. As the underlying facial tissues begin to weaken with time and become loose the skin over them also becomes loose and sags. Often excessive tissue or skin over the eye may result in various problems, while the deep horizontal creases on the forehead tend to reduce the attractive quotient of the face. A temporal browlift is most useful to regain youthful looks with minimally invasive cosmetic surgery.

When is a Temporal Browlift needed?

A temporal browlift is required when a person feels that:

  • Excessive skin over eyes changes their resting expression into a grumpy and sad one
  • Lowered eyebrows make it hard to apply makeup on the upper eyelid
  • Frown lines and furrows between the eyebrows (over the bridge of the nose) are becoming prominent
  • Deep horizontal creases on forehead gives a sign of advanced age

How is Temporal Browlift performed?

Any type of browlift procedure involves removing underlying fatty tissue and stretching the forehead skin. This is aimed at making the patients appear overall younger with no worry and frown lines on the forehead. Although normally a browlift requires making incisions above the hairline, the surgeon might also make incisions in the upper eyelids and forehead. A temporal browlift uses several beneficial aspects of a conventional and endoscopic browlift procedure. In this hybrid procedure the surgeon uses non-endoscopic method and smaller incisions.

In this, the surgeon will use smaller coronal incisions to raise the outer eyebrows without the use of an endoscope. The incision scars are effectively hidden under the temporal hairline. This surgery technique is useful for removing “crow’s feet” from around the eyes. As most of the browlift surgeries are combined with an upper face blepharoplasty, the surgeon uses the incisions in the upper eyelids to help remove the excessive droopy skin and get rid of “frown lines” from between the eyebrows. The scars from the small incisions are effectively hidden under the temporal (temple) hairline. These are small sized scars that are not only covered by the hairline but also disappear in a couple of months.

What is recovery like after a Temporal Browlift surgery?

The surgeon will inform you on the duration of time it will take you to get back to normal everyday routine. After the surgery the surgeon will give detailed instructions regarding the post-operation care at home, including:

  • Incision care
  • Eventual signs after surgery
  • Potential risks of complication

It is very important to follow the instructions of the surgeon with due diligence. These instructions are designed to ensure faster and ideal recovery with effective results. The exact time for complete recovery varies from person to person.


    Temporal browlift surgery is used to remove the excessive fatty tissues and sagging skin from the forehead. This makes the upper facial region more appealing and youthful.