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Chin Augmentation by Dr Sanjay Parashar - Leading Plastic Surgeon in Dubai

Chin Augmentation

Chin Enlargement can be performed by following ways:

  • chin implant using either silicone chin implant or Porex Implant
  • Filler injection using healers if acid based fillers or more long lasting fillers such as Radiesse
  • Advancement Genioplasty is performed by moving the chin bone forward

Chin Implant procedure is the most reliable, safe and long term option for chin augmentation.

Who is the ideal candidate for chin Implant?

it is for people who has small chin with inadequate projection or short chin height.
It is also done as a part of face makeover in patients with protruding and humpy nose and small chin with a very convex facial profile. Both Males and females are candidates for chin augmentation.

How do I know what is the best way of chin augmentation for me?

when you consult a qualified facial plastic surgeon, he/ she will listen to your requirement and than conduct a thorough physical examination.

The examination involves measurement of facial proportion, relationship of upper and lower jaw, occlusion of your teeth, orthopantomography and lateral cephalometric analysis.

This will allow the surgeon to understand what is the cause of small chin such as micrognathia ( small lower jaw), microgenia ( small chin bone)’ soft tissue deficiency or disproportionate chin. Based on the degree of deficiency than he will recommend the options for you.

What are the pros and cons of each procedure?

1) Silicone chin implant is a simple and straightforward surgical procedure performed with an incision inside the mouth ( lower gingival incision).

Advantages: it is simple, quick and technically easier with a smaller incision, If a reversal surgery is required it is very easy to perform
Disadvantages:  chances of infection are marginally higher, sometimes it may move over the bone so it can feel unnatural

2) Porex chin implant are made of porous polyethylene material that integrates with the bone making it a part of the body
Advantages : it feels more natural, it does not move as it is anchored by the body tissue
Disadvantages : Severe facial trauma can cause infection and reaction by the implant requiring removal of implant, it require s a slightly larger incision and removal is technically more challenging

3) Filler injection for Chin is performed only if a small reshaping or projection is required or the patient does not want to undergo a surgical procedure.
Advantages: simple , easy, less expensive
Disadvantages : large volume cannot be used as it can deform the chin and they are not may require frequent redo after Six months to a year.

4) Advancement Genioplasty
Advantages: it is a definitive and long lasting way of chin enlargement.
Disadvantages: it is an extensive procedure that requires fracturing the chin bone and fixing with titanium plates and screws. The recovery is slow with swelling and discomfort for three to four weeks.

The surgeon will discuss the details with you and based on your requirement, expectations he will help you choose the best possible option.