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Arms Lift

An arm lift surgery is also called as a ‘Brachioplasty’ in medical terminology. Arm lift surgery is aimed at reshaping the upper arm to make it look more attractive and normal. With advancing age, obesity and various other factors, the skin of the arm tends to lose its elasticity and becomes sagging and loose. The accumulation of fat around the arms also makes the arm look unappealing. An arm lift surgery removes the underlying pockets of excess fat and tightens the skin of the arm to make it look more youthful and attractive.

Who can have an Arm Lift surgery?

A person can consider undergoing an arm lift surgery, if:

  • Their weight is in the normal healthy range.
  • The person has recently undergone drastic loss in weight and there is resultant loose and flabby skin on the arm.
  • The person is in an overall healthy state with no underlying medical disorders that might cause complications after the arm lift surgery

 How is Arm Lift surgery performed?

  • An arm lift surgery is a completely aesthetic surgical operation. Today it is performed using advanced minimally invasive surgical methods to ensure faster recovery and less visible scarring.
  • The surgeon will usually administer local anaesthesia to the arms to make them numb. This prevents any discomfort or pain during the surgical procedure.
  • The surgery begins with the cosmetic surgeons marking the areas for incision points, from the shoulder to the elbows usually. The type of Brachioplasty will determine the exact size, number and locations of the incisions.
  • The surgeon will then use these markings to make incisions in the skin of the arm. These incisions are used as entry ports for the cannula as the liposuction method remains the most popular and efficient method for removing sub-cutaneous fat deposits.
  • Once the surgeon has removed the underlying small deposits of fat from the arm, the excessive (drooping) skin will be partially removed. The surgeon will then stretch the remaining skin over the arm and give the skin a more firm and younger look.
  • The surgeon will use very fine sutures to close the incisions and join the stretched skin ends together. These incisions are mostly placed in such a position that they are very inconspicuous and rarely visible.

How is recovery like after an Arm Lift surgery?

An arm lift surgery is a completely aesthetic form of surgery and is performed using minimally invasive surgical techniques. The arm lift surgery is mostly done as an outpatient procedure where the hospital will discharge you once the anaesthetic effects wear off. However, the surgeon will advise to wear a sterile bandage to cover the incisions and a compression arm band to retain the new contours of the arm till it heals naturally within a few weeks.

Advantages of Arm Lift surgery:

These are the distinct advantages that you will get once you undergo an arm lift surgery:

  • Ability to wear fitting clothes that show off your attractive arms
  • Boost in self-confidence
  • Ability to feel more fit after a drastic weight loss

An arm lift surgery (Brachioplasty) is becoming increasingly common around the world as more and more people are getting in shape and losing weight. The arm lift surgery helps such people regain the youthful firmness in their arm and the strong contours as well with an efficient and easy cosmetic surgical procedure.

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    An arm lift surgery is also called as a ‘Brachioplasty’ in medical terminology. Arm lift surgery is aimed at reshaping the upper arm to make it look more attractive and normal.