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3D Sculpting

3D sculpting is the most advanced and effective body contouring procedures in use today. It is an innovative set of non-surgical techniques that efficiently help to remove the underlying stubborn deposits of fat and to give the body a desired and appealing shape overall. A 3D sculpting cosmetic procedure is a path-breaking procedure that provides efficient non-surgical alternatives to reshaping the body into a more attractive figure. These are all non-invasive types of cosmetic surgeries which help to give the best results when maintained with a healthy lifestyle. There are 4 main body sculpting techniques used in this procedure, and the doctor will consider certain factors before deciding the best-suited option for you.

How does 3D Sculpting procedure work?

A 3D sculpting cosmetic procedure is aimed at improving the overall shape of the body into a more attractive one through using non-invasive methods. At times, even after a drastic weight loss there are still small yet stubborn deposits of fat in several parts of the body which mar the all-round attractiveness which you might have hoped to achieve just by losing the extra weight.

As we lose weight the skin, which was previously stretched excessively over the fat body, begins to sag after losing the inner volume of fat. This skin makes the attempt at losing weight seem unsatisfactory. Apart from the excessive skin losing significant amount of weight does not mean that you will get rid of all the fat. There are certain regions in the body, mainly the middle part (abdomen/waist), thighs, buttocks, upper arms, etc, which continue to retain small deposits of fat despite all efforts at rigorous exercising at the gym. These obstinate deposits of fat need to be removed to get the desired attractive body shape.

How is 3D Sculpting performed?

3D sculpting is a collective term used to describe a series of non-invasive cosmetic procedures that help to remove underlying fat and improve the shape of the body. These are the main 3D sculpting procedures used worldwide:

  • Cavitations:

This non-invasive method uses an advanced form of ultrasound liposuction technique. In this, the cosmetic specialist will first apply a special topical cream over the skin where the excessive fat is to be removed from. This special cream enhances the effects of the ultrasound device which is later used to melt the underlying fatty tissue. The ultrasonic energy is able to penetrate to the underlying fat cells and generate heat to melt the fatty tissue they form. The melted fatty cells are naturally absorbed by the body and transformed into glycerol and proteins for use.

  • Cryolipolysis:

This ultra-modern non-invasive cosmetic treatment technique is useful for removing underlying fat deposits successfully. This method can be used to get rid of the sub-cutaneous fat deposits without the need for surgical intrusive procedure.

In this, the surgeon will use a precise delivery method to inject a safe freezing agent into the fat cells that need to be removed. The doctor will use this advanced procedure to precisely freeze the fat cells under the skin which are then eliminated from the body naturally.

This is a highly accurate process and the advance procedure leaves no damage to the surrounding healthy tissues and cells. This is an ideal procedure to acquire a well-shaped body using an easy and efficient method that gives long-lasting results.

  • Radiofrequency:

This high-tech treatment technique is comparatively more popular. In this the radiofrequency device transmits electromagnetic waves to the underlying fat cells directly through conduction. The electromagnetic waves generate heat in the fat cells. Apart from this, the radiofrequency also helps in improvement in blood circulation which in turn results in better skin quality as well.

This is an all-round body contouring treatment and one of the most popular and advanced 3D sculpting procedures.

What is recovery like after a 3D Sculpting procedure?

As there are various types of techniques used in 3D sculpting the recovery time may vary. However as the 3D sculpting methods are non-invasive in nature the time spent in the hospital is considerably less and these are likely to be performed as outpatient procedures. Apart from that, the non-invasive nature of the procedure also makes recovery time remarkable less than that compared to other fat removal techniques. In all, the 3D sculpting procedures result in comparatively less recovery time and faster visible results, within just two to three weeks ideally after the date of treatment.  3D sculpting is the most popular type of body contouring procedure. It is efficient, convenient, safe and affordable with results seen comparatively faster too.