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Knees and Ankles

As we age, there are various effects that become increasingly visible on the body. The skin begins to lose its elasticity and the fat deposits begin to accumulate in certain parts of the body. The abnormal appearance of the lower body becomes a cause for concern for many people. People who like to wear clothing that show off their legs are quite apprehensive of losing the attractiveness of their legs and feet. The knees and ankles are two of the most vulnerable portions of the lower body that attract fat. The fat accumulate in this region also becomes more obstinate and does not go away even with rigorous exercise and heavy dieting. This calls for the cosmetic treatment of the knees and ankles. Liposuction of the knees and ankles is one of the best and most effective ways to regain an attractive lower leg portion and to reconstruct an abnormal knee as well.

How are cosmetic Knee and Ankle treatments performed?

The liposuction technique is the most commonly-used and reliable minimally invasive cosmetic surgical technique for effectively removing stubborn fat deposits. A liposuction procedure is performed with the help of a cannula. This is a small blunt-tipped surgical tube which is connected to a high-powered vacuum device.

These are the cosmetic surgeries performed on the knee and ankles to make them look more attractive and natural:

  • For Knees:

Normally, the knee consists of a soft knee pad which covers the knee cap (patella bone). There are numerous smaller pads of fatty tissue around the knee.  In case the smaller fat deposits around the knee start to become larger they make the knees appear lumpy and unattractive. Excessive fat can collect around the inner sides, upper portion (knee sausage) and the outer sides of the knee. The liposuction of knees is one of the most reliable and popular treatments to restore the natural attractiveness of the knee. The surgeon will make very small incisions around the knee. These incisions act as entry points for the cannula. The surgeon can remove the excessive fat deposits from around the knee. This procedure is not only required in case of obesity but is one of the most common cosmetic procedures for slim patients in case they have abnormally shaped or disproportionate knees. The surgeon will advise you to wear a compression bandage around the knee or a knee pad to ensure adequate and constant pressure on the treated area.

  • For Ankles:

Ankles are quite prone to becoming accumulation spots for fat. At times, when the patient is overweight the excessive fat from the calf tends to extend right up till the ankles. The sides of the ankles start to bloat (cankles) where there is little difference visible between the calf and the ankle’s circumference. This condition tends to make the ankles look unattractive and the person wishes to regain the elegantly shaped ankles they used to have. The surgeon chooses to perform a liposuction procedure on the ankle region to remove unwanted fat from around it. The surgeon will make very small incisions around the sides of the ankles (and front, if needed). These minute incisions are used to insert the small cannula and remove the accumulated fatty tissue successfully. Liposuction removes the collected fat using powerful vacuum technique. The surgeon will ensure that the surrounding nerves and cardiovascular structure is left untouched. The surgeon will advise a pressure bandage or a compression anklet to be put around the treated ankle for the restored ankle to retain its new shape.

Advantages of Knee and Ankle Treatment:

The knee and ankle liposuction treatment is one of the best and most commonly-used aesthetic surgical treatments in use today. It is effective in giving an attractive appearance to disproportionate knees and fat ankles.

These are the distinct advantages that a knee and ankle treatment will give you:

  • Well-proportioned and smooth knee
  • Curvy and attractive ankles
  • Minimally invasive cosmetic surgery technique
  • Outpatient procedure
  • Shortest recovery period
  • Long-lasting results
  • Regaining attractive lower body

The knees and ankles treatment effectively helps a person to regain their lost attractive lower body, specifically the knees and the ankle region. Apart from this, the treatments are also successful in giving obese legs attractive features. The knees and ankles treatments are fast becoming a major part of the overall lower body lift procedure as well.


    As we age, there are various effects that become increasingly visible on the body. The skin begins to lose its elasticity and the fat deposits begin to accumulate in certain parts of the body.