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HD – Liposculpturing

HD Liposuction

High Definition Liposuction is one of the most innovative body-contouring treatments available. It is an advanced liposuction technique which is rapidly becoming popular due to its minimally invasive method and many other beneficial aspects. HD liposuction aims to remove all unwanted and stubborn pockets of fat from various parts of the body. This is a highly-precise procedure which withdraws the fat with accuracy to give the natural attractive aspects of the more prominence.

 Am I an ideal candidate for an HD Liposuction procedure?

An HD liposuction procedure is mainly a form of cosmetic surgery and can be sought by almost any person. However, there are a few factors that are in favour for a person to undergo an HD liposuction, such as:

  • Mild obesity (BMI between 25 and 30)
  • Wishing to get into a better shape
  • Wishing to get a highly-defined body
  • Have overall good health
  • Age is not advanced (below 50 years normally)
  • Have good skin elasticity

These are some of the main factors that the doctor will consider before advising on getting an HD Liposuction procedure.

 How is HD Liposuction performed?

HD Liposuction procedure is a comparatively simpler cosmetic procedure as opposed to other alternate body contouring surgeries. The cosmetic surgeon will remove stubborn small pockets of fat from specific parts of the body, including the abdomen, chest, arms, thighs, flanks, buttocks, etc.  Being a minimally invasive surgical procedure the cosmetic surgeon will usually administer local anaesthesia to numb the areas to be operated upon. This will avoid any pain or discomfort to the patient during the procedure.

The surgeon will begin with making very small incisions in specific parts of the body where fat is stored prominently. These incisions are then used to insert a cannula (thin flexible vacuum surgical tube) into the body. At times, the cosmetic surgeon might inject an anaesthetic saline solution into the body part from the incision to help numb any nerves around the fat deposits. This also helps to shrink the surrounding blood vessels and avoid vascular damage. The cannula then starts to remove the underlying small deposits of fat using powerful suction technique. As the fat is removed completely the underlying muscular structure gets more pronounced. Once the skin sets over the muscles, the entire structure of the body becomes better contoured and highly defined.

What are the advantages of getting an HD Liposuction?

The HD Liposuction procedure is one of the most popular cosmetic body procedures today. Its minimally invasive nature and innovative aspects make it more advantageous than other body contouring procedure.

These are the commonly seen advantages of having an HD Liposuction:

  • Highly defined abdomen:  Get Six-pack abs without the hassle of a long stressful workout at the gym
  • Better pectorals:  The chest muscles are better defined.
  • Shapely arms:  This procedure helps to enhance the muscular features of the arms.
  • Perfect back: Men get the ideal ‘V’ shape while women experience better body curves.

What is the recovery like after an HD Liposuction procedure?

As the HD liposuction procedure is a minimally invasive surgical procedure it has some advantages over the conventional for of surgical procedure. Minimally invasive procedure results in remarkably faster discharge from the hospital and a comparatively faster recovery period as well. Normally, a person can return to work and normal everyday routine within two to three days after the surgery. An HD Liposuction cosmetic surgery can help achieve the perfect body shape. Apart from getting a leaner and more muscular body for men, this surgery helps women attain the ideal curvy and attractive figure with the least hassle.