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Waist Sculpting

A waist sculpting procedure is a part of a body contouring surgical process. This is a completely cosmetic surgical procedure which is most useful in giving an attractive shape to the middle portion (torso/waist) of the body. There are various different techniques used in body contouring procedures. A waist sculpting procedure aims to remove excessive fat deposits from around the waist and to tighten the underlying connective tissue. This surgery is very useful after a dramatic weight-loss which leaves excess skin hanging around the waist (or even love handles). This surgery gives a smooth and curvy waist which is more attractive.

How is Waist Sculpting surgery performed?

Waist sculpting procedure involves removing the excessive fat and skin from around the waist using advanced minimally invasive surgical methods. The doctor aims to tighten the skin over cellulite-ridden areas to make the texture look smooth and regular.

These are the areas that the surgeon will aim to remove excessive fat deposits and extra skin from:

  1. Abdomen:  Only the abdominal region or extending to the sides and the lower back too.
  2. Buttocks: If the buttocks are unevenly shaped, flat or saggy.
  3. Groin:  Lower abdominal area sags into the inner thigh.
  4. Thighs:  This includes the inner, outer and the complete thighs as well.

There are various types of techniques used to perform waist sculpting procedure, such as:

  • Liposuction:This is a minimally invasive surgical procedure. It involves using a cannula (small blunt-tipped vacuum tube) to remove the underlying fat deposits. In this the surgeon will administer local anaesthesia around the waist. Small (2-4 mm) incisions are made at a few places. These are used to insert the cannula under the skin. The cannula removes the small pockets of fat from the waist to give it a better contour.
  • Laser-assisted liposuction:This is an advanced form of liposuction procedure. In this the surgeon will administer local anaesthesia in the waist. This helps to avoid any discomfort during the procedure. The surgeon uses a special device to aim a laser beam at the underlying deposits of stubborn fat in the waist area. The laser generates heat which melts the fat cells. The next step involves using a cannula to finally remove the melted fat efficiently. This cosmetic surgery is becoming the most popular choice for waist sculpting as it is virtually a painless procedure for efficiently removing underlying fat deposits.
  • VASER/Ultrasound-assisted liposuction:The VASER or ultrasound-assisted liposuction procedure is one of the most effective and fast way to give an attractive contour to the body. This advanced cosmetic procedure involves first using an ultrasound-emitting device to help liquefy the underlying fat deposits from the waist region. The high-energy ultrasound waves effectively liquefy the fat which can then be removed completely using a cannula. This minimally invasive modern waist sculpting procedure is one of the most popular today.Waist sculpting treatments can be a combination of specific body lift surgeries. These can include:
    • Lower body lift
    • Mid-body lift
    • Abdominoplasty

    The aim of these procedures is to remove the underlying small stubborn deposits of fat using a minimally invasive surgical procedure and to also remove excessive skin from the waist and drape the remaining skin to create a smooth and well-contoured waist.

What is recovery like after a Waist Sculpting procedure?

After any type of waist sculpting procedure the doctor will put a dressing, bandage or compression garment around the waist. This works to help the small incisions heal faster and the stretched skin to retain its smoothness.

At times, the surgeon might also put in small drainage tubes into the waist to drain out any accumulated blood or any other fluid after the surgery. The surgeon will have specific instructions for you to follow during the 2-3 weeks it takes for the incisions to heal and the body to get back to ideal activity level.

Advantages of Waist Sculpting procedure:

A waist sculpting procedure is one of today’s most common cosmetic body lift procedures. This is an extremely efficient cosmetic surgical procedure that helps to regain an attractive mid-body.

These are the various advantages that a waist sculpting procedure will give you:

  • Attractive and desired shape of waist.
  • Well-sculpted middle body.
  • Complete success in getting an ideal body after having undergone drastic weight loss.
  • Removal of excess and saggy skin from the waist (love handles)
  • Removal of extra skin and stretching of the remaining skin gives the waist a smoother and more attractive appearance.

Waist sculpting procedure is an ideal and increasingly popular cosmetic surgery which is widely-used to shape the middle portion of the body into an attractive hourglass figure for women. This is a virtually painless, efficient and reliable method for regaining your lost attractive figure from your younger days.


    A waist sculpting procedure is a part of a body contouring surgical process. This is a completely cosmetic surgical procedure which is most useful in giving an attractive shape to the middle portion (torso/waist) of the body.